They've managed to get rid of me

Returned me to the grave

ECT, electric chair

We shock who we can't save

They've cleared you of my memory

And many more as well

You may have wanted some of them

But who can ever tell?

Your brainwaves are more regular

The chemistry more pure

The headaches and the nausea

Will pass, and you'll endure

You're son is gone forever, though

Of that the doctor's sure

The memories are gone

The Aftershocks live on

You wonder which is worse

The symptom, or the cure

They've managed to get rid of me

I'm gone without a trace

But sear the soul, then leave a scar

No treatment can erase

They've cut away the cancer

But forgot to fill the hole

They've moved me from your memory

I'm still there in your soul

Your life goes back to normal now

Or so they all believe

Your heart is in your chest again

Not hanging from your sleeve

They've driven out the demons

And they've earned you this reprieve

The memories will wane

The aftershocks remain

But with nothing to rememeber

Is there nothing left to grieve?


With nothing to remember...